Meet the Team

At id | bp we are a team of passionate, motivated individuals that are driven to help our clients experience life in customized spaces.

Our dedication to customer service and our love for design has helped shape us into who we are today, which is a great team that is focused on you!

Here is a little information about all of us….


Beth Phillips

Founding Principal, Interior Designer
Known for her imaginative and beautiful interiors, Beth is a true visionary and exudes passion for design. She has mastered the ability to elevate the creative opportunities of a client’s space and bring those ideas to life. When you think of someone that has a perfect mix of a right and left brain, we think of Beth. Traveling with her family gives her the greatest joy.
Loves: Vintage coffee table books


Drew Harrison

Interior Designer
If you want something done perfectly, ask Drew to do it. Drew is a lover of detail, has a passion for creative design and has the ability to navigate the complexities of each unique project. At the office she is frequently drawing on the computer and making selections. Drew is a steady force that keeps our projects in order and well curated. Her desk is by far the cleanest in our office.
Loves: Reece, her dog

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Christa Martin

Design Coordinator
Her educational background in textile science, lighting and visual merchandising along with her experience in the couture fashion industry creates a connection to the world of interior design. Christa has contagious enthusiasm and is a huge encouragement to the team. She is not afraid of new ideas and has a knack to find the unfindable. Christa can be found on job-sites with contractors, or at showrooms researching the latest products.
Loves: Music and Dancing!


Christine Anderson

Business Manager
She does the business side so we can do the creative side! Christine has 40 years’ experience in business management and does it with precision and in an organized manner. She has 10 grandkids who keep her busy and sometimes get to come to the office and make our day!
Loves: Hearing grandchildren laugh


Harriet Anastio

Sample Coordinator & Administrative Assistant
She keeps thousands of samples organized, neat and tidy. Harriet is a jack of all trades and is willing to help where needed. Our office would not look the same without her detailed skills. She has 5 grandchildren who keep her busy.
Loves: Mediterranean food


Clayton Wilson

Building Director
Craftsman extraordinaire. This is it in a nutshell. Clayton is a master at imaginative and sensible solutions and a proven leader in problem solving. Custom work is his passion. He can create about anything we put in front of him. He has high expectations of everyone on the job-site to do precise work and always keeps the project site clean and organized.
Loves: Animals more than people


Dalton Phillips

Building Assistant & Project Coordinator
He is not a morning person but still has a smile on his face at 6:00 am. Give him a hammer, a drill and a ladder and he can do about anything. He believes excellent design is only as good as the finished product and strives to make things look their best. You can find Dalton at a creek, pond or field on any evening or weekend enjoying outdoor sports.
Loves: Fly fishing and training his dog Willie